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We just want Ron

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Community description:We just love anybody who loves Ron Weasley
Created for those who love solstice_muse's Rons. This is a moderated community, all post must be approved by the mods.

NOTE: These Rons are all over the age of consent. All art posted here is of a fictional character. When that character is depicted in sexual situations he is over the age of 16 (the legal age in the UK where one of our mods is from, where Ron Weasley is from and where JK Rowling is from) and nearly all the time he's much older than that anyway. If an underage Ron Weasley is written about there will be no illegal sexual content whatsoever. We are Ronsexuals - we love Ron - we are not lusting after a child in a children's book.

In the book, Ron Weasley grew up. To us he is an adult.

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Mute!Ron Lost For Words

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Words Fail Me

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Louder Than Words</div>

Oracle!Ron The Man Who Wasn't There

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and Lost In Parasomnia

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Timeless!Ron Timeless

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Scourgified!RonEternal Sunshine of the Scourgified Mind

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Captured!RonWithin These Walls
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Her Harry/Ginny!Ron Re-aquaintance starts HERE

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Where are the most Ronsexuals?

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